The Calm Space is an online magazine that is like a virtual day-spa for your senses... decadent, informative, relaxing. A real no-mobile-phones-allowed kind of escape where you can chill for a minute or an hour and emerge refreshed and ready to face anything your day throws at you!

We're focused on taking action, moving out of stress and chaos, and moving towards a happier, calmer, more integrated life - where all the pieces simply work.

The Calm Space is an online magazine published daily with a monthly theme. We're not into sensationalisam. We're not into dirt.

We're positive. We're real. We're enticing.

We're apolitical. Carbon friendly. And yes, we may even get a bit controversial at times.

We're definitely into making life lighter, happier, and easier.

We love to welcome enthusiastic guest contributors into our midst.

If you write - great!

If you're a poet - we'd love to hear from you.

If you create beautiful photos or luscious artwork - do share.

If you have just composed the most amazing song - submit it 'cause we LOVE music!

If you create a beautiful compilation on video, or the most luscious slide-show on earth - yes please!

Submission Guidelines

You will find the complete guidelines for contributing to The Calm Space here: Contribute

Please read these guidelines prior to submission. By submitting a contribution to The Calm Space, you are signifying your agreement to these guidelines.

Thank you so much, I look forward to welcoming you!

Káren xx

Please submit articles here, with:

  1. if this is your first submission, and you haven't spoken with us beforehand, please include a quick note on why you'd like to contribute to The Calm Space in the 'cover letter' area.
  2. your submission in word, pages, or plain text (no PDFs please) - including headline!
  3. a brief bio - max 100 words - with details of you and/or your business. Include one website link and your twitter and facebook page links. This will appear at the bottom of your contribution when it is published.
  4. if you have not submitted to The Calm Space previously, please upload a photo of yourself (head and shoulders) for use with the bio in the Image category below.
  5. Please note the content guidelines here, to ensure your article is accepted - in particular the Links detail.

Upload images here:

  • a photo of yourself (head and shoulders) for use with your bio
  • images for use in your post. Please note, the image you provide will appear at the top of your post. If multiple images are required, please indicate order in your article.
  • if your image is currently on Flickr, there is no need to upload it here. Simply include the link (in full) in the document that contains your post.

Images for Posts:

  • Top image: Landscape 590px x 360px
  • Subsequent images: 590px wide

Photo of yourself:

  • max 250px, preferably square

NB: Please check the Creative Commons License for any image that is not your own work. A link to the source is required for all images not your own. Should the Creative Commons license, link to source, or advice that this is your own work not be provided, we reserve the right to select an alternative image in its place without notice.

Upload photos of your artwork here, along with any notes or text you wish to include, credits and your bio in a separate document.

Music! Video! Slideshows! Yes please!

Currently we're figuring out if we need any specific limitations for this category. While we're doing that, please upload your gorgeous creations here, and if we've any questions - we'll be in contact.

The Calm Space